The team


The team


The pillars of Ba Restaurant

Marco Liu


«The daily goal is to propose the cuisine of contemporary China, our country of origin, marrying it with that of our adopted homeland, Italy, which offers us ingredients and creative ideas to create innovative recipes».

Chef Bryan Hooi


«Continuous research, childhood memories and inspirations gathered around the world: these are the fundamental ingredients of my cuisine».

Dim Sum Chef Kean Wu


«Simple things must be repeated. The secret is to do it from the heart, every time».

Sommelier Marco Spini


«I prefer to get out of the cliché of “wine suitable for” and try to understand the guest first,in order to guide them in their choice. I wish to understand what he usually drinks, what he would like to drink and if he is willing to experiment».

Ba is always looking for dedicated and qualified people to join the team.